Today’s News

HoboOne is a platform wherein you can submit news stories. You must be registered to be able to post. We offer over 40 categories to choose from, so finding a place for your news article should be a breeze. It can be any type of news, hometown, local, national or world. The submission editor allows you to include images and embed videos as well. It’s a rich text editor, so you can make your news articles jump out at the reader. We allow one link back in ypour submission to your Youtube channel, Twoitter account, Website, or whatever, but only one and no linking to affiliate offers, porn or illegal material. We do allow adult entertainment news, so for that reason, you must be 18 years old or older to register.

When you drop down the categories on the left hand side, you may only see a small number of categories. That’s because a category will only show up when there is a post(s) in it. So, lets say you write a post about sports and put it in that category. Once published, it will show up in the drop down menu.

HoboOne is our main website. From it we link to many of our other sites. DigiTalk Radio is our podcast website. We have a full blown advertising site “HoboAds”. We encourage webmasters to sign up. Once enough webmasters are signed up, the system will begin attracting advertisers and then you can begin making money.